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Our Managing Director, Gary Bravo, founded the company in 1992. Gary’s background was in the courier industry, and he saw that in London there was an unanswered market need; a specialist service for motorcyclists aimed at getting them going as quickly as possible.

Gary started up with just a couple of vans manned by two motorcycle mechanics, manning the control room himself. The first customers were courier companies, delighted that there was now a motorcycle roadside repair service available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Bike shops and motorcycle hire shops then started using the company for their own customers, and we were able to add more staff and vehicles.

The customer base then changed, with the big breakdown agencies appointing SOS, and motorcycle companies such as BMW UK, Piaggio and Aprilia using the company.

In 1998 the company headquarters moved from an industrial unit to Riverside House in North London after such success with our new partners. In 2003 our Head Office moved again, to Grantham in Lincolnshire, where we branched out to cover nationwide and becoming the largest motorcycle specialist recovery company in the UK. Within the move to Lincolnshire we created a brand new control room, using the very latest in technological advances to enable SOS to offer the best service possible to its customers. After 14 years of success in Grantham, Lincolnshire we moved to our current premises in Great Ponton, Lincolnshire to a new and much larger premises with the strive to expand further and take the company to a higher standard than we have ever been.

As the customer base has expanded, so has the area that SOS covers. We cover throughout England, Wales and Scotland. We will also travel to Ireland and other areas within the UK at request. Having nationwide coverage for the last 18 years has allowed us to not only expand our recovery customer base, but also expand and build a large customer base with our National Delivery network. With a fleet of over 60 vehicles, we have a fantastic network which hundreds of motorcycle dealerships have taken advantage of over the years, trusting us as the preferred courier for their long distance sales.

Now you know how it started, and where we are up to now, so the next question is what can we do for you?

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